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5 - 12 years


10am - 2pm


Netball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rounders, Orienteering, Volleyball, Multi-sports,Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Cricket,Golf, Capture Flag, Camp Games,Dance,Fitness


Dye dye T-shirt, Pot plant Painting , Face paints, Drawings, Design your Face masks, Pebble painting, Mini beast hunt, design a dream catcher + more

Meet the Coach's

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Harley Axe

My name is Harley Axe and I have been in the fitness and coaching industry for the last 6 years from delivering personal training sessions to primary sport. 


Working at Positive Impact Sports has developed my skills working with young people with different skills and ability’s. In my short  time at Positive Impact Sports I have developed so many new relationships between other fitness and coaching professionals this made my working time with Leah and the team so much more enjoyable that it never felt like work!


Coming from a professional sporting environment and playing many different 

sports growing up, It was amazing to see how many different opportunities there were for the children to be involved in on the sport camp site, as there were a variety of activities to engage the children.


Finally I want to say a big thanks to everyone at Positive Impacts Sports for being such an amazing group of people and now friends, I can’t wait to be coaching at the next camp! 


See you all soon!


Abi Young 

I’ve had a blast working for Positive Impact Sports over the summer holidays. 


I would definitely recommend Positive Impact Sports to anyone who would like to get in to the sporting industry, coaching or to gain experience working with children. The camp was fun and engaging throughout for both children and staff! It wasn’t like your ordinary days work! The other coaches made me feel so welcome and we had fun from start to finish! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to keep busy over the summer period. It’s been a pleasure.


Paige Costello

‘I have had a brilliant summer working for Positive Impact Sport. It has been the best Summer Camp that I have worked at. This is due to a variety of reasons. One being the brilliant staffing team. There was support and team cohesion throughout the sessions. You could see the excitement of the children daily throughout the activities. I believe that these clubs are vital within different areas of Halifax to keep the children active and supported throughout holidays. The variety of sessions throughout the camps made each day interesting. We had sport sessions where we coached (hockey, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, football, handball and rugby). Art sessions where the children created tie dye tops and expressive artwork. Fun activities such as: ‘Wet Wednesdays’ where we had a variety of water fights and different inflatables on a Friday. Finally, daily we recapped on Nutrition and why it is important. I would love to coach for support Positive Impact Sport in the future and believe that West Yorkshire would benefit from more camps like this.’


Ashleigh Davies 

Positive impact sports are a fantastic company to work for, their use of experienced, qualified staff has meant that we can be part of a high quality delivered sessions for all ages and abilities. Positive impact sports gives amazing opportunities for any who want to be involved in a wide range of activities, giving everyone the opportunity to shine.

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